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Collin Bryan Construction aims to become the standard choice for all roofing and construction around Dallas, TX and Dallas-Fort Worth. Throughout the growth of our business, we’ve strenuously adhered to a firm set of principles. If you want a roofing company with both expertise and integrity, then trust Collin Bryan with your work. We pursue excellence across all levels of our operation, from workers to materials, and pass along the benefits to our clients.

We provide services across a broad range of areas. Residential and commercial roofs both receive the utmost in service and installation from our team. Much of your roof’s longevity depends on the quality of installation. We never cut corners, and commit ourselves to the little details that add years to the life of your roof. As builders, we can bring almost any project into reality. The same goes for our remodeling services, which can transform any home into a palace. For work across these areas in Dallas-Fort Worth, go with our roofing company in Dallas, TX. To learn more about our services or set up a consultation, call us today at 214-927-5263.

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Our excellence in regards to completed projects has elevated us to a premier position among local roofers and builders. Collin Bryan Construction provides unparalleled work on both residential and commercial roofs. Whether you need maintenance, repairs, inspections, or replacement, our team provides service that we stand behind 100 percent. We have such faith in our team that we make ourselves responsible for any workmanship issues that arise. This same superior standard applies to our construction and remodeling services. If you hire us for a project, you can expect work that will last a lifetime.

A Letter From Our Owner

Our Team Upholds Ideals of Integrity and Craftsmanship in Everything We Do.

In the early years of my construction career, I started out as a subcontractor with a grand goal to impact the construction industry with integrity. At our company’s core, this is and always will be our chief aim for our customers. After years of owning various subcontractor businesses, Collin Bryan, named after my first born son, was created with the intent to leave a lasting legacy for my family. It began as a high-end construction branch that built million-dollar homes.

Now, after nearly two decades of excellent customer service, quality construction, and many building awards from multiple builders associations, Collin Bryan Construction has grown to become our banner company. Collin Bryan incorporates a wide range of restoration, remodeling, and new construction, and has expanded into multiple regions around Texas. Knowing our family name is on the line — and being the father of 14 children — I invest a lot of value and pride into leading our business with honor and excellence. I commit to making myself available to all our clients for any comments or concerns they might have, and will work hard to provide an impeccable service throughout the customer experience. We thank you for your kind patronage of our services, and consider it a privilege to serve your family.

Sincere Regards,

Bryan Johnson

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Should you require our services, rest assured that no contractor can provide the same level of work around Dallas-Fort Worth as our roofing company in Dallas, TX. Excellence serves as our watchword, and we strive to achieve it on every level. To learn more or schedule service, contact us at 214-927-5263 today.