3 Considerations When Planning Your Remodel

Remodelling a space in your home can be both exciting and overwhelming. From color choice to task options, every decision counts. Ensure you’re making the right ones with correct planning and careful considerations of these three remodeling tips.


When planning your remodel, the most important consideration is your budget. This will help you in making every other decision. First, decide how what you want to spend on the entire project. Then, decide which areas of remodeling are most important to you, and where you want to spend the bulk of your budget. For instance, demolitions or additions will be much more expensive than simple flooring or paint changes.

Project Planning

Once you have your budget and basic project ideas, you can begin building your design. This step is where you will decide the details of your remodel. Will your new kitchen bar have a stovetop or will it be a simple countertop design? If you are installing flooring, will it be carpet, tile, or hardwood? What color and texture would you like? Most of these decisions can be made loosely using any vendor catalog for ideas.

Color Choices

Typically, this is where people begin to stumble. Color planning, however, can be a simple process if you follow the simple “rule of three” guidelines. First, choose your base color. This is usually a neutral color that will be used for the bulk of the project. Next, decide on one secondary color. This color will provide depth to your space as well as pop. The last color will be your accent color. This is typically a bright hue that accents the first two well. It will add dimension and focus to particular places in your space. Once you have chosen your three main colors, you can begin filling in your decor.

Redecorating or remodeling can be a simple process if you follow the correct procedures. Our professionals can offer remodeling tips help guide you through the process of your remodel to ensure that you end up with your dream space. Call the Collin Bryan professionals at 214-927-5263 to discuss your remodel options, and begin your decorating adventure.