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Roof Coatings: Enhancing Your Protection

Acrylic Coating Deflects Sunlight to Increase Building Energy Efficiency. Your roof represents a long term investment in safety and energy efficiency for your company building. Unfortunately, time and the elements can be hard on your rooftop. A little wear and tear can turn into major damage and repair costs. Thankfully, roof coatings can extend the […]

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

Once you’ve decided to create your very own outdoor patio, you are left with an endless amount of design, budget, and decor decisions. Having a plan from the beginning can help keep you from getting lost in the shuffle of the multiple tasks, choices, and research that is sure to follow. Do Your Planning Outdoor […]

The Importance Of Roofing Fascia

As a homeowner, there are many different things you need to keep in mind when it comes to your roof. Obviously, you want your roof to be in good condition, from the edges to the very top, and everything in between. Today we are going to talk about a component on the edge of your […]

Dangers of Having a Leaky Roof

When your roof has damage to it, it gives a straight line of danger into your home. Your roof is the main shield for your home and when water gets into it, it can cause serious damage. These are a few things to not only pay attention to but get fixed right away because a […]

3 Considerations When Planning Your Remodel

Remodelling a space in your home can be both exciting and overwhelming. From color choice to task options, every decision counts. Ensure you’re making the right ones with correct planning and careful considerations of these three remodeling tips. Budget When planning your remodel, the most important consideration is your budget. This will help you in […]

How to Practice Roof Maintenance

A Clogged Gutter Can Lead to Serious Problems for Your Roof’s Drainage. Your roof represents a serious investment. It also provides a vital line of defense for your home or business. A roof that falls into disrepair will suddenly make you and your property vulnerable to water damage, cause an increase in your energy bill, […]

When Do Homeowners Need to Get a Roof Inspection?

There a Few Reasons to Get a Roof Inspection. If you’ve been a homeowner for years or you are a new homeowner, there are many aspects of your home you need to keep in good condition. One of the most important things you need to keep in excellent shape is your roof. In order to […]

3 Signs That You Need A Roof Replacement

Is Your Roof Ready To Be Replaced? Are you concerned that your roof may be due for a replacement? We rely on our roofs to protect our homes from the elements, so it can be frightening when they are in less than great shape. today, we will discuss a few key warning signs to look […]

Signs You Have A Leaky Roof

Roof leaks can cause stains on your ceiling or along the tops of walls. Leaks large and small will wreak havoc on your home. While a drip from the ceiling provides a clear indicator, a leaky roof is not always so easy to detect. Stay attentive to the following signs, and call Collin Bryan Construction […]