Commercial Roof Types

The Type and Function of Your Structure Provide Important Considerations When Choosing a Roof.

The options for a commercial roofing system can seem endless. At Collin Bryan Construction, we offer service for roof coatings and four types of commercial roofs. We stand behind the quality of any of these offerings, and can promise exceptional service after our expert installation. Our roofing systems each differ, however, and could become more or less suitable based on a number of variables.

We want you to choose the ideal commercial roofing solution for your budget and structure. For any questions about commercial roofing in Dallas, TX or surrounding areas, give us a call at 817-330-4944.

Types of Commercial Roofing We Offer

  • TPO A TPO roof offers the durability of EPDM with the resiliency of heat-welded seams. A new roofing option, TPO also provides premier energy efficiency.
  • EPDM Also known as a rubber roof, EPDM has a proven track record of longevity and effectiveness as commercial roofing.
  • Roof Coatings A roof coating can add an extra layer of protection to any roof. As an alternative to total roof replacement, it can also save you serious money.
  • Metal Roofing Metal roofing offers unparalleled longevity, with a lifespan that can reach 70 years. The resiliency of metal also protects your structure from storm damage.
  • Modified Bitumen Modified bitumen stands as an improvement over asphalt roofing. A built-up roof, it has high resistance to foot traffic, tears, and chemicals.

Factors to Consider

You Need Also Consider Your Area’s Weather and the Demands This Could Put on the Roof.

As specialists in roofing across the state of Texas, we can ensure the suitability of our commercial roof offerings for the local climate and geography. Other factors exist for a building owner to consider, however.

Building Use: The first factor to consider is the function that your structure fulfills. A call center, for example, would require a different type of roof than a warehouse. For the former, you would want to choose a system that kept the building cool for the comfort of employees. At a storage facility or warehouse, interior temperature would not provide as much of a concern.

Green Requirements: Do you want your roof to achieve LEED credits or contribute to your building’s Energy Star rating? If so, you’ll want to make your decision with energy efficiency in mind.

Longevity and Durability: You’ll need to ask yourself about the true importance of these considerations. Take into account how long you plan to own the building, and the severity of the weather in your area.

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For help with the choice of commercial roofing in Dallas, TX, call our team at 817-330-4944. We not only pride ourselves on our installation and repair services, but also for our customer service. At Collin Bryan Construction, we’re here to help with all your commercial roofing needs.