Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing Can Gain Added Durability Through Heat-Welded Seams.

Though appropriate for all types of structures, modified bitumen roofing has won particular popularity for its commercial applications. As a built-up roof, modified bitumen has the benefit of decades of successful use. It also has the modern advantage of its composition, which comes from the addition of polymers to asphalt, combined with reinforcement from fiberglass or polyester.

Collin Bryan Construction can install modified bitumen roofs on any commercial structure, large or small. Our application methods cover the standards of hot-weld, adhesive, and asphalt, so you can choose the best for your situation. To learn more about our services with modified bitumen roofing around Dallas, TX, give us a call today at 214-927-5263.

The Appeal of Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen Exists in Pre-Cut Rolls, Which Makes Repairs a Cinch.

Modified bitumen roofing has largely replaced straight asphalt as a roofing material. The reason for this comes from the quality of asphalt itself, which has lessened over the years. Asphalt exists as a by-product from the refining of oil. As refineries have developed more advanced methods to extract quality from crude oil, the leftover asphalt has lost certain components that contributed to quality roofing.

Modified bitumen exists as an improvement over standard asphalt, and comes in two varieties: APP and SBS modified rolls. Each of these comes with its own advantages. SBS modified rolls have increased flexibility, and can expand and contract to better resist elemental and environmental stress. APP rolls, on the other hand, result in roofs more resistant to wear from age. Regardless of which you choose, modified bitumen roofing comes with general benefits.

Resistance to Foot Traffic: Unlike some types of roofing, modified bitumen proves highly resistant to foot traffic. This means that you can freely inspect your own roof, or utilize the space for other purposes. This feature of modified bitumen makes it especially popular with flat roofs.

Highly Resistant to Tears: Along the same lines, modified bitumen proves highly resistant to tears and punctures. These could otherwise occur from debris on your roof, or damage from storms. Fewer holes mean fewer leaks, a major benefit for any roofing system.

Resistant to Chemicals: Dependent on your type of business and commercial facility, modified bitumen’s resistance to chemical corrosion could stand as a major benefit.

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