Restaurant Roofing

Our Team Excels at the Particular Requirements of Restaurant Roofs.

Commercial roofs for restaurants require a special degree of attention to detail. Collin Bryan Construction understands all the particulars of restaurant roofing, and will render a matchless job from start to finish. We have broad experience in restaurant roofing across Texas. Our projects all stand the test of time, and leave restaurant owners and managers with one less thing to worry about.

Regardless of whether you have one location or several, are an independent owner or franchisee, we can satisfy all your commercial roofing requirements. We work with a broad range of materials to match your needs and budget, and remain available on your timetable to meet deadlines or satisfy service requests. For all your needs with restaurant roofing in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas, give us a call today at 817-330-4944.

The Source for Restaurant Roofing

Ensure Your Customers’ Comfort and Business’s Success Through Roofing Services from Collin Bryan.

A restaurant roof requires attention to many small details not apparent with other types of roofs. For a roof that does its job over the long-term, you need a roofer who understands the particular needs of restaurant roofing. You also need a partner who can work on your timetable, meet deadlines, and satisfy emergency repairs. Collin Bryan Construction meets and exceeds all these requirements, and stands as your ready source for restaurant roofing.

Understand Your Needs: We know that restaurant roofs come with particular requirements in installation needs and code requirements. Your roof will face special threats unique to commercial roofs on restaurants, including accelerated deterioration from oil and grease, and the added danger of fires. Collin Bryan Construction builds restaurant roofs that resist these threats and deliver long service for your business.

Variety of Materials: We offer several materials appropriate for restaurant roofs, including TPO, EPDM, metal, and modified bitumen. What you choose depends on your preference and budgetary restraints. We’re proud to offer complete service, repairs, and installation of these materials, and stand behind them as exceptional choices for a restaurant roof.

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As an added benefit, you can count on the flexibility of our team to work on your timetable. We understand that restaurants operate on tight schedules, and stand ready to complete your job when you need it done. For more information on our services for restaurant roofing around Dallas, TX, call us today at 817-330-4944.