Dangers of Having a Leaky Roof

When your roof has damage to it, it gives a straight line of danger into your home. Your roof is the main shield for your home and when water gets into it, it can cause serious damage. These are a few things to not only pay attention to but get fixed right away because a small leak will turn into a big leak if not properly taken care of.

Immediate Dangers

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Your safety- First and foremost, your safety is our number one concern, so when you have a leaky roof it is important to call someone out to your home right away. Water can leak through your roof and onto your electrical wires and could cause a fire without you even knowing it. Even scarier is if this happens while you are sleeping, or not home.

Insulation- When your insulation gets wet, it stops working the way it is supposed to. It loses its effectiveness, and will actually make your energy bill increase because it won’t be able to keep the heat or cool air in or out. Insulation also takes a long time to dry and if too damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Damage to the structure of your home- When water leak into your home it can get into the framing and rot your wood. This will cause a whole other set of expensive issues and can do major damage. It can also cause mold to begin growing in or on your walls which goes right back to the safety of you and your family.

When you have a leaky roof and need help right away, our team of expert roofers at Collin Bryan Construction LLC are there for you and will do whatever it takes to get your roof and home back to perfect condition. If you ever have questions about roofing, give us a call at 214-927-5263 and we would be happy to help you.