Home Remodeling in Texas

From Design to Construction, Our Team Can Help You Achieve Your Home Remodeling Goals.

Collin Bryan Construction’s expertise does not stop at roofs and general construction: it also includes complete home remodels. When you decide to move forward with a remodel, your choice of contractor stands as one of the most important decisions you will make. You’ll likely devote a high degree of thought to particulars for your room addition, bathroom, or kitchen. Save yourself the trouble of agonizing over a partner, and go with the premier choice for a home remodeling contractor in Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler, Houston and outside of Texas: Collin Bryan Construction.

An important point to consider comes from the value of your home remodel. If you’ve spent time debating whether a remodel or addition stands as the correct decision, consider this: you will not only improve the comfort and beauty of your home, but also raise its value. Remodels and additions contribute a return on investment, unlike most other home luxuries. To begin the design process or receive an estimate, call us today at 214-927-5263.

Our Home Remodeling Contractor Services

Your home should feel like your palace. If you’ve never felt quite satisfied with your amount of space, or the layout and features of your kitchen or bathroom, then it’s time for a remodel. As part of our complete roofing and construction services, the team at Collin Bryan Construction also puts its expertise to work on additions and remodels. Our full range of remodeling services includes work across the home’s two most highly-trafficked areas, as well as additions.

  • Bathroom Remodeling Most people spend more time in the bathroom than they realize. Aside from a place of utility, it should also present a space for luxury and comfort.
  • Kitchen Remodeling For many families, the kitchen stands as the center of the household. From dining to meal preparation, make sure it lives up to all its roles.
  • Room Additions Whether you need more space for a growing family, or want to finally indulge in that game room or updated bedroom, Collin Bryan has you covered.

The limits of our remodel services truly get defined only through your imagination. If your notion of a room addition encompasses an outdoor kitchen, for example, then we’re your team. Regardless of the space you want us to create, you can count on our unparalleled professionalism and adherence to a timetable. We put the needs of our clients first. When we collaborate over the design of a remodel, we strictly adhere to your budget and get things done on your schedule.

Our dedication to the satisfaction of our clients means that we strive to keep you happy from the earliest stages, through construction and completion. As a full-service construction company, you can trust that we’ll handle any issue that arises. For peace of mind throughout a home remodel, choose the experts at Collin Bryan Construction.

Let Us Create Your Ideal Space

You dream home may be closer to reality than you realize. Sometimes a careful, tastefully done remodel represents all a home needs to achieve true comfort and luxury. For a home remodeling contractor, you cannot go wrong with Collin Bryan Construction. To start on your next project, give us a call today at 214-927-5263.