Emergency Roof Repair

Sodden Soil from Lengthy Rainfall Can Create Disastrous Situations Like This.

Some roof repairs simply cannot wait. At Collin Bryan Construction, we understand the need for urgency, and treat emergency roof repair as our top priority. A roofing emergency seemingly occurs out of nowhere. One moment you sit comfortably in your home, and the next a sudden storm blows in to shatter your reverie and inflict havoc on your roof. The occurrence of severe damage means your roof can no longer keep out the rain, and becomes a virtual sieve for leaks.

Water damage stands as the premier danger to the stability of a home. Once your roof weakens, water will spread throughout your ceilings and walls, and create the requirement for extensive, costly repairs. Act quickly the next time you need emergency roof repair in Dallas, TX, and call 214-927-5263 to reach the team at Collin Bryan Construction.

Reasons for Emergency Roof Repair

Missing Shingles Led to Major Damage on This Roof, Which Needs Emergency Repair.

If your roof can no longer resist the intrusion of rainfall, then you have a roofing emergency. If left unattended, these types of situations can completely undermine your roof and cause its failure. Roof failure occurs with the total collapse of your roof structure. To avoid this nightmare scenario, get these repairs addressed quickly.

Hailstorms: A severe hailstorm can leave your roof in dire straits. Hail that has grown large enough can actually batter its way through your roof, and leave massive holes that require immediate attention. Smaller hail can also leave your roof severely damaged with the potential for multiple leaks.

Lengthy Rainfall: Despite the pleasantness of rainfall, a prolonged storm can create major problems for a roof. The danger occurs through the weakening of sodden soil. As the ground softens, trees become much more likely to fall. Stay aware through a long rainstorm, especially one combined with high winds, and call for service at the first sign of impact.

High Winds: The aforementioned danger aside, high winds can cause other problems for your roof. Most brand-new roofs have a wind rating. As the roof ages, however, this same wind rating will not hold. It becomes necessary, especially for older homes, to pay attention to the loss of shingles due to excessive winds. A single lost shingle creates a point of vulnerability. The loss of many can constitute a partial roof failure. 

Don’t Hesitate to Call Us

If you stay vigilant of needs for emergency repair, you won’t have to wait until your ceiling leaks to know about a problem. Despite their apparent suddenness, these emergency problems likely had deep roots in your roof’s current state. In most cases, improper maintenance created the conditions necessary for the roofing emergency. To schedule maintenance, an inspection, or emergency roof repair in Dallas, TX, call 214-927-5263 for the experts at Collin Bryan Construction.