Roof Replacement

Total Roof Replacement Becomes Necessary as a Roof Ages.

Even the most durable roof will begin to degrade over time. Repairs can only extend the life of a roof for so long and eventually offer no financial advantage over roof replacement. Frequent repairs serve as one of the main signals for roof replacement. As for other indicators, a homeowner should maintain vigilance with regular inspections. To save yourself the trouble and danger of directly inspecting your own roof, call the experts at Collin Bryan for quick service.

We’ve built a strong reputation for excellence in all our roofing services. When we replace a roof, you can count on its quality and longevity. Since the lifespan of any roof depends greatly on the quality of installation, do yourself a favor: call Collin Bryan at 214-927-5263. We stand as the local experts for all roof replacement in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas.

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

Our Technicians Understand All the Variables that Make for Premier Roof Installation.

Sagging: A roof that has begun to sag needs immediate replacement. Roof lines should remain arrow straight, and any deviation indicates either a major flaw in construction or prolonged damage from water. While some sags can get corrected through the replacement of sheathing and shingles, you will still need professional assistance. If moisture and rot have caused your roof to sag, then it’s time for a replacement.

Damage to Shingles: Repairs and the replacement of individual shingles will suffice for some situations. In the event of extensive damage, such as that caused through a hailstorm, you will need full replacement. Damage to shingles, which includes curling, buckling, and cracks, make your roof and home vulnerable to leaks.

Moss: Though you may find it aesthetically pleasing, moss on a roof indicates a serious problem. Moss thrives on moisture. Its appearance, therefore, heralds the presence of moisture in your roof. Even if you clean the moss away, the moisture will remain to rot and destabilize your current roof. 

Age: The most important indicator of a need for roof replacement comes from simple age. Every roof has a finite lifespan. The most popular type of roof, asphalt shingles, can last for 20 to 25 years. A roof that persists past this point becomes vulnerable to failure. To avoid this catastrophic situation, get proactive about your roof replacement.

The Local Leaders for Replacement Roofs

Collin Bryan serves as the local leader for roof replacements and installations. Our technicians have attained mastery over all the variables of roofing, and will render a stellar job from start to finish. For all roof replacement in Dallas, TX, call us today at 214-927-5263.