Roof Coatings: Enhancing Your Protection

Acrylic Coating Deflects Sunlight to Increase Building Energy Efficiency.

Your roof represents a long term investment in safety and energy efficiency for your company building. Unfortunately, time and the elements can be hard on your rooftop. A little wear and tear can turn into major damage and repair costs. Thankfully, roof coatings can extend the life of your business rooftop and enhance its protection capabilities. Here are 3 interesting ways your business could benefit from roof coatings.

Resistance Against Pooling Water

Businesses with flat rooftops are particularly vulnerable to this danger. When rain pours onto your roof and it can’t find a place drain, this water start to corrode your rooftop. Cracked materials allow water to drain into your business, damaging insulation and supporting mold growth. With a special waterproof coating (such as silicone), you can secure your roof from corrosion and internal water damages.

Improved Ultraviolet Light Reflectance

Ultraviolet (UV) light doesn’t just damage your skin, it can endanger your rooftop as well. When a building absorbs large amounts of solar radiation every day, the roofing material weakens over time. Worse, UV radiation causes excess heat to accumulate inside your building and burden your HVAC system. In short, that means extra energy costs when you try to keep your building cool.

With a ultraviolet reflecting roof coating, you can improve your building’s ability to deflect light (instead of absorbing it). White acrylics are particularly effective at this. If you’ve seen regular spikes in your energy consumption during heavy sunlight hours, it might be worth investigating a roof coating for your business.

Cleaner Rooftops

While it may not seem like a priority, keep your rooftop clean of debris prevents natural roof corrosion. Wind blown dirt and twigs like to scrape the paint off your roof and cling to the materials. This accelerates the chemical breakdown of your shingles, bitumen, etc. With a silicone or urethane coating, you could potentially extend the lifetime of your roof for years.

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