Signs You Have A Leaky Roof

Roof leaks can cause stains on your ceiling or along the tops of walls.

Leaks large and small will wreak havoc on your home. While a drip from the ceiling provides a clear indicator, a leaky roof is not always so easy to detect. Stay attentive to the following signs, and call Collin Bryan Construction for service should you notice any of them. Don’t delay, as negligence in the treatment of leaks can lead to serious damage and costly repairs.

Ceiling Stain

As water travels through your shingle roof, it becomes contaminated. When this tainted water reaches your ceiling, it will leave behind a brownish stain. If you notice one of these stains around your home on the ceiling or near the top of a wall, you probably have a roof leak.

Exterior Spots

The flashing on a home should keep water out of your rafters. If flashing has decayed or become damaged, water can enter freely and cause leaks. The sign of this trouble appears on the exterior of your home, along the tops of the walls. If you notice any discoloration or water spots, call for an inspection.

Missing Shingles

If you notice that your roof has lost some shingles, then you may have a water leak. If you catch the missing shingles early enough, you may prevent the leak from taking shape, however. Missing shingles allow an easy entryway for water into the roof, and should warrant fast repairs.

Collin Bryan Construction offers full repair and inspection services for roof leaks. These leaks can create issues around your home, from encouraging the growth of mold to destabilizing your walls. If you suspect a leaky roof in Dallas, TX or around Dallas-Fort Worth, call us today at 214-927-5263.