More than 30 years ago, the founders of Sunesta Shade Systems had an idea that transformed the American awning industry. 

It was 1976 and the future owners of Sunesta, Rick and Georgia Bedard, operated a custom awning fabrication business in Jacksonville, Florida. At the time, commercial and residential awnings were produced and sold through local shops. As a result of their industry affiliation, the Bedards recognized a need for customizable, pre-manufactured retractable awnings.

Sunesta Products opened for business in 1981; becoming the first manufacturing company in North America to offer a national line of ready-to-install retractable awnings. By 1984, Sunesta required its first facility expansion to accommodate the growing number of orders received.

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Sunesta & Collin Bryan

Is the Texas heat making your outdoor living space unbearable? Then trust Collin Bryan Construction with the installation of Sunestas product line, from retractable awnings to patio canopies we can turn your outdoor living space into an outdoor paradise. Collin Bryan Construction understands that an outdoor living space can serve as the center for your backyard. Because of this, we take great care to realize our client’s needs with both speed and thoroughness.

With over 100 fabric options and a great selection of add ons each Sunesta product has a world of available choices. While the specific materials and design selections always fall to the client, we happily provide advice and suggestions. As for layout concerns, trust that our team will help you realize your dream patio in the most efficient possible way


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According to the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association, a retractable or lateral arm awning is entirely supported from a building and constructed so that the awning cover and supporting frame retract completely against the building’s exterior wall. In a retracted position the awning is relieved from wind, rain and snow pressure normally associated with fixed frame awnings. Retractable awnings are commonly used to shade large outdoor areas, such as a deck or patio, and are operated using either a manual crank or remote-controlled motor to extend or retract the awning.

All fabrics featured in the exclusive Sunesta collection are 100% solution-dyed, acrylic fabric. The colors in the fabric are dyed into the fibers so that they can’t fade or run. In addition to their inherent long-lasting durability, all Sunesta fabrics are covered by a 10 year warranty.

A 2007 study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota concluded that awnings can save homeowners up to 25 percent on energy costs. The reason? Because awnings result in cooling energy savings by “reducing direct solar gain through windows.” In addition, according to the Department of Energy publication, Cooling Your Home, awnings block up to 90 percent of solar heat that is absorbed through windows.

Our dealers usually specify a two to three week order to installation period for our shade products.


Sunesta awnings offer wall, ceiling, and roof mounting options. Plus, our dealers can assist with mounting solutions beyond our standard mounting suggestions.

Depending on the model a homeowner selects, Sunesta offers a warranty of up to 15 years on the frame; up to 10 years on the fabric; and 5 years on the motor. For more information regarding the warranty for a specific model, please refer to the products portion of our website.

In our current fabric selection, Sunesta offers over 130 fabric patterns for homeowners to choose from, encompassing both solid and striped patterns. In addition, we also offer a selection of 22 choices for our bindings, and 10 choices for our SmartDrop valance fabrics. All of these patterns are stocked at our facility. We can also order hundreds of other acrylic fabric brands, on a special order basis.

Sunesta offers projections ranging from 3’4″ up to 14’8″, depending on the model you select.

Yes, we offer shade products for your windows, doors, open spaces and for skylights and sunrooms.


Sunesta has been owned and operated by the same family since first opening our doors for business in 1981. Before that, Sunesta’s founders owned a custom fabric awning shop and worked on a number of commercial fabrications and installations across the United States.

As a pioneer in the American retractable awning industry, Sunesta takes much pride in our proprietary engineering innovations and manufacturing machinery and software. We are dedicated to offering best-in-class technology for our awning systems.

There are many options to choose since each Sunesta Shade Product is custom made just for you. You can add a motorized drop valance, an aluminum hood, an aluminum SmartCase, a remote-controlled motor, automatic sun and wind sensors, consumer adjustable pitch controls and much more. Contact your local dealer to find out more information.

A few questions to keep in mind while meeting with a Sunesta shade expert include: What outdoor space are you looking to shade? How large of an awning will you require, including width and projection? How will the awning be attached to your home – roof, soffit or wall mount? What fabric color or pattern are you interested in? What type of options should I include for my needs? What type of warranty comes with the awning model you select? What is the timeline from the time you place the order to the time of the install?

The Sunesta

Your home and patio are unique. Sunesta creates shade in seconds in every size. This means no matter how custom your home or patio, a Sunesta will fit.

Sunesta has more custom frame color options than any other awning company. It is important that your home matches the colors you choose. Only at Sunesta.

Sunesta offers 134 fabic options to choose from. When you select our beautiful custom awning, you are getting the most custom awning on the market.

Sunesta Features

Smart Fold

Our Smart Fold technology allows our custom awnings to deploy in narrow projections and very vast projections.

Smart Park

Smart Park is a feature that makes sure your custom awning always aligns when opening or closing.

Smart Pitch

Smart Pitch is a feature unique to Sunesta that allows precision arm pitch with one easy adjustment.

Smart Strong

Each custom made awning comes with Smart Strong, four (4) PVC protected arm cables for the ultimate in strength.

Smart Caps

All hardware comes standard with Smart Caps. Complete protection from the elements.

Smart Mount

Holding everything tight to your wall, ceiling or roof – our Smart Mount is an industry leader.

Life Time Warranty on The Frame
10 Years on The Fabric
5 Years on The Motor

Sunesta Extras

Smart Lights

Smart Lights are optional on Sunesta awnings. Dimmable LED lights create the perfect mood.mate in strength.

Smart Control

Technology is paramount with Sunesta. Wirelessly control your awnings with the press of a button, or smartphone app.

Smart Hood

Ultimate protection is a one-piece aluminum hood that is weather sealed to keep your awning in great condition.

Smart Case

Smart Case is a casette that offers 360 degree, 365 day protection of the custom fabric of your choice.

Smart Drop

Sometimes the sun can be in just the wrong place. Not with a Smart Drop. Enjoy a drop down valance for added protection.

Smart Power

Wireless motor operation is just another great technology feature. Control your motor at the touch of a button.